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Exhibitions List for Current, Upcoming, and Previous Exhibits in Peoria, AZ

Our exhibitions are unique and engaging for our audiences. We are the premier purveyor of Art in the West Valley!

The principal guiding our exhibition schedule is diversity through the display of artistic ethnicity of our region, and to provide insight into the basic functions of art whether to understand art as adornment, illustration, mediation, persuasion, as a record, to redefine reality, and to redefine art.

Starting with guidelines created during meetings, a program is designed which will best demonstrate our compliance to our Mission. The curatorial team evaluates submitted work, and collectively decides upon exhibitions. The Board of Trustees ensure that exhibitions tie closely with the Museum Mission Statement. In addition, we are guided by the recommendations of the Museum Association of America which encourages thematic exhibitions.

Exhibition functions include informational labeling, researched gallery notes, docent guided tours and interactive opportunities for children and families. We primarily exhibit in the Peoria City Hall Art Gallery, which is managed and operated by an agreement with West Valley Art Museum and the City of Peoria. Additional exhibits may be on view at the Peoria Center for the Performing Arts. West Valley organizations may also host special themed works from the Permanent Collection.

Changing exhibits include an annual state-wide juried show of two-dimensional art works, artist invitationals, member shows from art organizations and themed collections. Our quality displays are complemented and well received by our guests. Schedule a tour today and see for yourself!

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