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Summer Exhibit: Potpourri of Prints

May 27, 2021


Visit West Valley Art Museum’s current exhibit to enjoy many printmaking
techniques including lithographs, serigraphs, etchings, intaglio, and the complex
mezzotint process in fine art prints created by notable national and international
artists. This delightful exhibit will be on view in the WVAM Art Gallery in Peoria
City Hall, 8401 W. Monroe Street, in Old Town Peoria, throughout the summer.

American master Alexander Calder was known primarily for his sculptures
although he created work in many mediums and the lithographs in this show are
from his abstract expressionism period.

The works in bold colors, forms and composition by Armado Pena, Jr. of Laredo,
Texas are a reflection of his Mexican and Native American ancestry. The vibrant
colors of serigraphs by Bertha Horta of Mexico City with large size powerful
figures seem to bring special meaning to beauty and life in Mexico and are
collected world-wide. In contrast, the serigraphs of Susan Rios, based in
Indiana, used an impressionist style with floral backgrounds to evoke feelings of
peace and harmony.

Long time West Valley Art Museum patrons will recall the intriguing etchings by
Elaine Rothwell from WVAM’s permanent collection as in our shows and at the
Peoria Center for the Performing Arts. However, like all the prints in this current
exhibit, these are from a private collection and not usually on public display. In
Rothwell’s complex style, one print contains 13 self-portraits for the viewer to
locate. Also, to delight visitors are the unique whimsical style prints of Carol
Jablonsky who took inspiration from astrology and oriental philosophies to
present dreamlike, humorous images.

Many other fine artists from the 20th and 21st centuries are represented, all of
whom are in private, corporate and museum collections all over the globe.

In addition, this exhibit features a series of Street Art works. This art genre has
moved from independent visual art in public places with various deceptive terms
such as “neo-graffiti”, to be recognized by mainstream galleries and collectors
and selling at top value. After seeing the mixed-media series on Tools by Los
Angeles artist Viggo Vake, you may view your garage or garden tools with a new

The WVAM Art Gallery on the first floor of Peoria City Hall is open, free to the
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