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Arizona Artists Guild Members Exhibit on view through July 28, 2022

AAG 11th Annual Statewide Exhibition


May 23 – July 28, 2022

Reception And Awards Ceremony May 26, 2022 | 4:00 to 6:00pm

West Valley Art Museum | 8401 W Monroe St, Peoria, AZ 85345



E x h i b i t i n g A r t i s t s

  • Carol L Bendell
  • Mikii Bendotti
  • Gabriele Bitter
  • Henry Bosak
  • A. R. Bourque
  • Lee Brown
  • Ed Browne
  • Donna Ceraulo
  • Mike Cotter
  • Gloria Cuádraz
  • Barbara Dahlstedt
  • Lee Davenport
  • Candice Diaz
  • Dyanne Fiorucci
  • Melanie Franz
  • Lisa Godo
  • Debra Goley
  • Tom Herbert
  • Kristi James
  • Hank Keneally
  • David Knorr
  • Dyanne Locati
  • Craig Anthony Lomas
  • Martina Lomas
  • Rafiq Majeed
  • Trish Mayberry
  • Linda Miller
  • Elissa Nowacki
  • Hao Shi
  • Madeline
  • Linsley Smidt
  • Lynn Smith
  • Tom Thomas
  • Ellen Van Pelt
  • Ashley Walden
  • Shannon Weiss
  • Matthew Werner



The Annual AAG Statewide Exhibition provides an occasion to recognize outstanding artists practicing in Arizona. The final group of artists chosen to exhibit presents unique works displaying a cohesive strength in their conceptual development, craftsmanship and medium.

It was a joy and privilege to spend time with each submission. Overall the technical aptitude was impressive, with strong and commanding compositions. When a choice had to be made between equally skillful works, the scale was tipped towards work with powerful content and emotional impact. Whether the work was joyful, foreboding, provocative, or simply dazzling in its sheer beauty, I was moved by pieces whose story stayed with me.
-Jeanne Collins

I approach this process by first identifying the pieces that were informed in some way, either by content, history, media and/or skill. What motivated the artist to make their piece? As the viewer, I am looking for artwork to convey an idea to me as a reason to keep my gaze. Much of the work had strong com- positional values while displaying expertise over the medium. The works selected I considered to be the most accomplished in terms of artistic language and visual stimulation. It was an honor to jury all the works submitted for the exhibition.
-Susan Beiner

I looked for a high level of technical skill, along with sophisticated compositional awareness, powerful imagery and/or thought-provoking conceptual con-
tent; artworks that expanded the boundaries of the media, challenged the status quo and were evocative in their powerful imagery and symbolism.

In addition to technical skill, I also considered how the artist addressed the space and the tension at the edges of their works. I was drawn to artworks where the imagery creatively engaged the borders rather than being isolated in the middle of the composition. I was moved by artworks that spoke to me in surprising and unique ways, addressed current social issues or personal experiences, and spoke to more than just verisimilitude.
-Gaylen Stewart