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Events in Peoria, AZ

Events in Peoria
A Few Past Events

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The Mind of the Artist

Nancy Christy-Moore Alcohol Ink Free Workshop held October 29 at Peoria Center for Performing Arts
Pete Pancrazi - jazz guitarist in Peoria, AZ
Mind of Artist - Art Museum in Peoria, AZ
Nancy Christy-Moore is an example of what every artist dreams of accomplishing in his or her career. She has a catalog of work that is high in quality, completeness and consistency of vision. She has been published in magazines like Horses in Art(cover), Best if American Mixed Media Artists and Artisans Vol. 1, 2007, the cover of American Poetry Journal, along with many calendars and bulletin covers. She has been given dozens of One Person exhibitions since 1992 and awards and accolades too numerous to recount here.

Of her working methods, she has written that she has for more than thirty years painted by bringing order out of chaos. Instead of laying down a controlled composition at the beginning, she prefers to begin with layers of color laid down abstractly, loosely relying on happy accident as she pushes, pours and plasters paint in swirls and slashes. This is artistic emotion and expression at its most intense and leads to an identification later with the subject matter that is binding and fully integrated. Nobody does it better than Nancy Christy-Moore.
George Palovich, Interim Curator, West Valley Art Museum, October 29, 2016
Interview 1 - sculptor in Peoria, AZ
Interview 2 - sculptor in Peoria, AZ
Interview 3 - sculptor in Peoria, AZ
The interview with Nancy answering questions and describing her working methods in one of her paintings.
The Demo - sculptor in Peoria, AZ
Gathering for the demonstration
Workshop 1 - sculptor in Peoria, AZ
Getting to work
Workshop 2 - sculptor in Peoria, AZ
The materials
Workshop 2a - sculptor in Peoria, AZ
Workshop 3 - sculptor in Peoria, AZ
Workshop 4 - sculptor in Peoria, AZ
Workshop 4 - sculptor in Peoria, AZ
Having fun while learning a new material and technique
Workshop supported by the Arts Commission
Workshop 5 - sculptor in Peoria, AZ
Workshop 5 - sculptor in Peoria, AZ
There were over 30 in attendance to the alcohol ink workshop