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Educational Events in Peoria, AZ

As part of the “Pressing Impressions” exhibition, a display was created to reveal just how Fine Art Prints are made.
Artists from the show created instructional panels and loaned some of their printmaking tools for the exhibit.
Silk Screen process illustrated with an actual silk screen frame and stencil.
Relief printing panel showing original sketches to carved plate.
Children's art done during tour group sessions.
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drawing by kids - kid art in Peoria, AZ
cartoon drawing - kid art in Peoria, AZ
Students from Trinity Lutheran School in Litchfield spend a morning with Interim Curator George Palovich doing a drawing lesson.
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child drawing - kids art in Peoria, AZ
class education - art in Peoria, AZ
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group tours - art in Peoria, AZ
Home school children accompanied by their parents were given a tour and art lesson by George Palovich, Interim Curator for the Museum.
City of Peoria Children's Summer Program includes a visit to the Library and West Valley Art Museum at Peoria City Hall Art Gallery.