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Collections and Recollections:
A Search For World Legacies of Ethnic Dress
Dorothy Knop
10” x 8”; text and illustrations in black and white. Entertaining and informative, Dorothy Knop recalls her travels to acquire the costumes she later donated to West Valley Art Museum Permanent Collection. 274 pages Soft cover. Out of print—limited supply.
Price - $5 | Members Pay- $3
Serenading The Light: Painters of the Desert Southwest
David Clemmer
11” x 9”; Full page color illustrations. These works of Taos artists and others were collected by Bill Schenk and include Maynard Dixon, Victor Higgins, Carl Redin and Ben Turner. 120 pages. Soft cover.
Price- $17 | Members Pay- $9

creating the Word: Painted Ceramics of the Prehistoric Southwest

10 1/2” x 11 1/4” Full page color illustrations. Bill Schenk's astounding collection of Native American Pottery is well researched and discussed. 227 pgs. Hard cover.
Price- $40 | Members Pay- $20

America's Call To Freedom: From An Artist's Viewpoint
Sam Ingram

9” x 12” Color illustrations, some full page. The artist's musings on freedom in America with examples of his art supplanting the text. 192 pages. Hard cover.
Price- $30 | Members Pay- $15